I have started this wiki for the purpose of sharing all of the WONDERFUL websites, wikis and blogs out there in the "internet-o-sphere". I belong to several groups of very generous educators who are dedicated to sharing thier resources with the rest of the educational community.

Feel free to check out the resources that I have compiled here. If you have resources to add... please do! That is what a wiki is for! All that I ask is that you do not remove or change any information without contacting me first.

Please keep in mind that materials created by other educators are for EDUCATIONAL purposes only. The reason that we are able to share is because we respect each other and the work that we do. With that in mind, please check each site for infomation about sharing, copying or usage. Please follow general copyright rules and refrain from using another educator's materials for profit.

Happy hunting! Together we can keep education fresh, exciting and engaging for all learner!