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Video Archives of ISTE Sessions

Google Apps Training Center

Various Blog Postings
Steve Dembo's Wrapup Post w/links to presentation resources
Chad Lehman's ISTE Sunday Post
Tech4Learning's 5 Developing Themes Post
Parentella's Wrapup Post

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Diigo and Delicious Links
Johnny Sloan's Diigo

Some Games:
Games about social Change:
Games about science:
Games about History:
"The Power and Ease of Digital Video""The Power and Ease of Digital Video""The Power and Ease of Digital Video"
"Changing the Climate: How Teaching Social Networks Might Save the World" - Will Richardson.
preso links at
during preso chat at

Research from ISTE: Info from studies that were presented at ISTE

Kathy Schrock's Preso Resources

I am in an iCollaborate session with Katie Morrow. O'Neill, NE really allows for open collaboration. Her workshop presentation is at SlideShares are on the Practice and Projects screens.

Here is a link to a useful guide for teachers on how to keep student forums and discussion portals safe and respectful (Scroll down to "Free teacher resources")
There is also a great Student Guidelines For Online Environments doc on the same page.

Some good blog posts from ISTE2010 second day: Turns Tweets into a newspaper

Lee Kolbert's Preso Resources! (GREAT stuff here)

Adobe Education Leaders
Currently not taking apps - but a great program for educators. From the CSS in Dreamweaver Workshop
Microsoft Zoomit - free tool to use in a Windows environment to easily zoom and write on screen

I'm in the same workshop...lots of great resources and sharing...the workshop presentation shows it all...Lydia
A couple of extra things that came up in discussions:
Issuu - You Publish
Kohive - described as the "eHarmony of educational collaboration" - tool to share ideas live

A video to be used at the beginning of presentation or school year to start discussion...

Beyond Digital Storytelling:

From EdubloggerCon participants:

Rushton Hurley is a fabulous Google Educator and did a session on Hordes of Free Tools ~

Check out This site lists tons of great opportunities for video-conferencing in the classroom and allows teachers to leave feedback on the experience. Completely free to register and use the resources. Video conferencing really is an outstanding way to bring the world into your classroom and give your students experiences they might not otherwise have. This is what we are talking about when we speak of 'communication and collaboration'!

From Rushton Hurley's "The Power and Ease of Digital Video"
This was a great presentation on using Digital Video Assignments in your class

Jo Williamson & Hoke Wilcox presentation on "Leading Effective Technology Integration",
Several Free webtools and resources shared by booths in the exhibit hall.
  • yolink - is a browser toolbar add-on that gives content previews of google searches.
  • sweetsearch - is an education filtering tool that returns pre-screened google search results. as an added bonus, yolink is embedded in the tool and doesn't require the yolink add-on to be installed on your machine.
  • easybib - creates MLA citations for web sites.
  • kerpoof - K-8 interactive content. Great potential for student products. Students can create storybooks, movies, cards, and pictures. Disney product.
  • c-span classroom - provides discussion materials for current events.
  • Oracle ThinkQuest - education safe collaboration system similar to wiki for content creation by students.
  • Smithsonian Institute Video Conferencing - free video conferencing for art, history, and science content provided by Smithsonian Institute

Links shared in "10 Web Tools to Make Learning in Your Class Even Better! Presented by Adam Bellow of eduTecher" (

Check out -- though this mind mapping app is still a work in progress, I was able to make some nice mindmaps of various workshops here:

From the SIGMS panel, Smackdown of Learning Tools Wiki: